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October 6th, 2017


As long as we've been in the business, you'd think we'd be ready for the Harvest Moon. You see, the problem is that when the moon is brighter like that, werewolves have increased power. It takes several of our staff to wrangle them into their restraints as it is, but their increased strength proved to be move than their keepers could handle. The beasts escaped carrying some of our staff with them. The rest...will be missed....


While we believe that the best way to honor our fallen is by leaving their entrails strewn about the property, local officials believe otherwise. We also have to fill the void in our show left by the werewolves that could very well be anywhere in North Fulton by now.


With this in mind, we will be re-opening our doors on Thursday, October 12th. Come out and help us celebrate Jason Voorhees' favorite holiday.

Presenting the 36th Annual...

In the year 2005, an indescribable evil fell upon this place; brought on by a wandering, wayward spirit intent on keeping the people of North Fulton awake at night. Its malicious energy drew psychopaths, beasts, legendary killers, and other evil spirits alike, none of whom could resist its dark siren song. Each Halloween season, they would slaughter their victims within the walls of this place, using the souls of those they killed to feed the insatiable hunger of the spirit that haunted it.


With the demise of its current home looming, the black heart of this spirit has called out one final time in search of souls to do its bidding. It longs for one more opulent feast souls before it must search for a new home once again.


You hear its call. A sinister, maddening whisper in your ear. From beyond the darkness it searches for you. Does it want to feed upon your soul or does it want to awaken a dormant evil within you? You cannot ignore it any longer. You must find your way to the House on Horror Hill and put a stop to this...or find out if an evil spirit dwells within you.

1650 Georgia 9

Alpharetta, GA 30004

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House on Horror Hill, Georgia's oldest haunted house, has been terrorizing north Georgia since the 1970's. During its lifetime, House on Horror Hill has garnered not only local, but also national press. Whether it's the bone-chilling acting or its connection to the supernatural, House on Horror Hill occupies a unique space within the niche market of haunted attractions. Created and maintained by enthusiastic fans of horror, House on Horror Hill has maintained a uniquely human connection to fear that doesn't rely solely on special effects, but instead the tradition of narrative and storytelling. Don’t miss one of Georgia’s best haunted houses…visit House on Horror Hill this Halloween season!